Book Lodge

At irregular intervals – for example, during the time of the Leipzig Book Fair, the lodge „Minerva to the Three Palms“ in the Monument to the Battle of the Nations takes a unique event: the „Leipziger Book Lodge„.

The original intention was to give the brothers the opportunity to take part in Masonic activities in the framework of the trade fair in Leipzig.

The Buchloge was held for the first time in the year 2008.

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General information about the book lodge

Meanwhile the „Leipziger Buchloge“ – undoubtedly due to the special venue – is very popular. Up to 200 brothers from all over Germany and all over the world visited the dignified temple work in the crypt or the catacombs of the National Monument and the subsequent reception in the lodge of the „Minerva“.

These are dimensions which otherwise only reach events such as a large-day event or the convention of the United Grand Lodges of Germany.

Numerous attributes are attributable to the Leipziger Volkerschlacht monument: the largest monument in Europe, a landmark of Leipzig … But is it, as some authors claim, a Freemason monument? This question can not be answered with a simple „yes“ or „no“.

In a historical context, the monument has undoubtedly much to do with Freemasonry. The „Volkerschlacht“ near Leipzig, which must be regarded as the greatest battle-dealing in history up to the First World War, was also, to put it bluntly, the „Freimaurer-Schlacht“.

This was not so because Freimaurers had instigated them, but rather because there were many Freemasonry on the battlefield. The memorial to the innumerable dead of the battle would not have been given in this form without Freimaurer, especially his builder Br. Clemens Thieme and the brethren of his lodge Apollo. Thieme was not just a brother, he was an active freemason, and as such was sitting for many years as a master of the chair. Thieme was only able to realize Thieme’s plan of finally converting the Volkerschlachtden monument into reality after almost a hundred years, because the brothers of his lodge strengthened his back.

Unfortunately, shortly after its completion, the monument has become a meeting point for nationalist movements of all kinds. To this day right-wing forces always try to take the monument for themselves.

For this reason, it is necessary that all democratically-minded forces, especially us, Freimaurer, continually set up appropriate signs in order to preserve the legacy of our brother Clemens Thieme from such reinterpretations. The Leipziger Buchloge, which once a year illuminates the Masonic light in the dark of the memorial catacombs, is thus certainly a good example of this request.

Text: Ivan Wojnikow (taken from „Winkelmaß – The independent Freimaurer magazine, zero edition, with the kind permission of the Leipziger Freimaurer publishing house.)
Participation in the next bookkeeper

All interested Freimaurer can register in order to be invited in time to the next bookloge.

Lodge History

The Freimaurer Lodge „Minerva zu den drei Palmen“ in Leipzig was founded on 20 March 1741, initially under the name „Aux trois compas“. On June 5, 1747, she merged with the German-speaking lodge „Minerva“ to the Loge „Minerva to the Cirkel“ and on 30.06.1766 with the Loge „Zu den drei Palmbäumen“ to the Loge „Minerva to the Three Palms“.


From 1741 to 1753 it was a member-lodge of the „Obersächsische Provinzial-Großloge“ and a daughter’s lodge of the „Grand Landloge of the Freimaurers of Saxony“. In 1883, she formed the „Free Association of the Five Independent“ (Gera) with the boxes „Archimedes to the three drawing boards“ (Altenburg), „Balduin zur Linde“ (Leipzig), „Carl zum Rautenkranz“ (Hildburghausen) and Archimedes Logen Germany „in Altenburg.

In 1924 the humanitarian big box „Deutsche Bruderkette“ was established in Leipzig. Grandmaster, up to the dissolution forced by the Naziregime, was the master of the chair of the Lodge „Minerva to the Three Palms.“


The lodge „Minerva to the Three Palms“ had gained the state recognition as legal personality on the basis of the Royal Saxon Law of 15.06.1868 by the entry in the cooperative register on 30.12.1884.

Under pressure from the National Socialist regime, the masonry light of Minerva had to be extinguished in March 1933. The Freimaurerloge „Minerva to the Three Palms“ gave up the Freimaurerei with the Grand Lodge „German Brotherhood“ and changed to the „Christian Order of the German Cathedral“, Ortsgruppe Leipzig I. The prohibition and the legal dissolution of the cooperative since 1884 took place on 9.11 .1935.


The „United Grand Lodge of Germany“ – now the „Grand Lodge of the Old Free and Accepted Masons of Germany“ (GL. AFuAMvD), who was formed in Frankfurt am Main on June 19, 1949, always dealt with the East German Lodges, Was not allowed to be constituted again.

On the initiative of the „Friedrich to the White Horses“ lodge in Hanover, the lodge „Minerva to the Three Palms“ was reopened in Leipzig as a deputy lodge, with thirteen members of the Leipziger (brethren) who were accepted as freemasons, after the reunification and the Accession of the former GDR to the Federal Republic of Germany.

The Loge gave itself a statutes on 18.11.1990. The entry into the association register of the city of Leipzig took place under VR no. 836 on March 7, 1991. The Lodge „Minerva to the Three Palms“ e.V. is a perfect and just Freimaurerloge.

How to get there

The lodge building is located near the „Völkerschlachtdenkmal“ (Monument to the Battle of the Nations) in the „Naunhofer Street 75“ to the left at the crossroads to „Flinzerstrasse“. Opposite is a sports field.

Arrival by car

Take the A38 motorway at junction 32 (Leipzig-Südost) and follow the S242.

This is about 3km to the „Prager Straße“  (S38). Follow the „Prager Straße“ for approx. 3.5 km to the city center and turn right into the „Kommandant-Prendel-Allee“ before passing through the Vökerschlachtdenkmal. Directly at the intersection is a tram stop line 15.

Follow the Kommandant-Prendel-Allee for approx. 400m and turn right into Naunhoferstraße.

After about 100 meters, the lodge house is located on the left side of the street, recognizable by white fence columns and the inscription „Minerva e.V.“ at the post box.

Access by tram from the main station

From the main train station take line 15 direction „Meusdorf“, exit after about 14 minutes at the stop „Südfriedhof“ (south graveyard).

From there, follow the „Kommandant-Prendel-Allee“ approx. 400m and turn right into „Naunhofer Straße“. After about 100 meters , the lodge house is on the left side of the street, recognizable by white fence columns and the inscription „Minerva e.V.“ at the post box.

Access by train from Leipzig Main Station

Take the S-Bahn line 1 or 4 to the stop „Völkerschlachtdenkmal“ (duration approx. 10 minutes). Then either change to tram line 15 or walk about 2 km along „Naunhofer Straße“ to house number 75 (duration approx. 30 minutes).

Access by Plane from Leipzig-Halle Airport

From the S-Bahn station at Leipzig-Halle Airport take the S5 or S5X to Leipzig Main Station (15 minutes). Then take the S-Bahn or tram (about 20 minutes).

Contact / Imprint

Minerva zu den drei Palmen e.V.
Naunhofer Straße 75
04299 Leipzig

Responsible persons pursuant to § 55 para 2 RStV is the chairman of the association Mr. Klaus Kieswimmer.

Register of Associations Leipzig Board of Directors No. 836

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Dear guests

Klaus Kieswimmer, Meister vom Stuhl
Klaus Kieswimmer, Master of the Logde

… a warm welcome on the side of the Leipziger Freemasons Lodge „Minerva to the three Palm Trees“.

Founded in 1741 as one of the first German lodges under the matriculation number 7, the „Minerva“ developed over time into one of the largest and most influential boxes in Germany.

Before the ban by the National Socialists in 1935, the Loge united almost 500 members, among whom were many important Leipzig personalities.

In 1991 the „Minerva“ was reinstated with the help of the Hannoverschen Loge, „Friedrich zum weiße Pferde“. She is a member of the Humanitarian Grand Lodge of the „Old Open and Accepted Masonry of Germany“ (A.F.u.A.M.v.D.).

The number of members residing in Leipzig today is approx. 45, in addition about 15 double members from the old federal states. The Lodge and its members are committed to the fundamental ideals of Freemasonry freedom, fraternity, tolerance and love of humanity.

In addition to the cultivation of traditional Masonic rituals, we consider it our task to introduce ourselves to the cultural life of our home town of Leipzig. The Loge is a registered association, the Logenleben is characterized by numerous activities – both within and outside the Bruderkette. Lectures, information sessions and guest evenings, common trips that once held in the time of the Leipzig Book Fair „Leipziger Buchloge“ and the support of charitable organizations must be mentioned here.

If you are interested in visiting Freemasonry, or if you would like to attend one of our guests, please feel free to contact our guest representative. You can also subscribe to our free newsletter.

Klaus Kieswimmer, Master of the Logde