Book Lodge

At irregular intervals – for example, during the time of the Leipzig Book Fair, the lodge „Minerva to the Three Palms“ in the Monument to the Battle of the Nations takes a unique event: the „Leipziger Book Lodge„.

The original intention was to give the brothers the opportunity to take part in Masonic activities in the framework of the trade fair in Leipzig.

The Buchloge was held for the first time in the year 2008.

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General information about the book lodge

Meanwhile the „Leipziger Buchloge“ – undoubtedly due to the special venue – is very popular. Up to 200 brothers from all over Germany and all over the world visited the dignified temple work in the crypt or the catacombs of the National Monument and the subsequent reception in the lodge of the „Minerva“.

These are dimensions which otherwise only reach events such as a large-day event or the convention of the United Grand Lodges of Germany.

Numerous attributes are attributable to the Leipziger Volkerschlacht monument: the largest monument in Europe, a landmark of Leipzig … But is it, as some authors claim, a Freemason monument? This question can not be answered with a simple „yes“ or „no“.

In a historical context, the monument has undoubtedly much to do with Freemasonry. The „Volkerschlacht“ near Leipzig, which must be regarded as the greatest battle-dealing in history up to the First World War, was also, to put it bluntly, the „Freimaurer-Schlacht“.

This was not so because Freimaurers had instigated them, but rather because there were many Freemasonry on the battlefield. The memorial to the innumerable dead of the battle would not have been given in this form without Freimaurer, especially his builder Br. Clemens Thieme and the brethren of his lodge Apollo. Thieme was not just a brother, he was an active freemason, and as such was sitting for many years as a master of the chair. Thieme was only able to realize Thieme’s plan of finally converting the Volkerschlachtden monument into reality after almost a hundred years, because the brothers of his lodge strengthened his back.

Unfortunately, shortly after its completion, the monument has become a meeting point for nationalist movements of all kinds. To this day right-wing forces always try to take the monument for themselves.

For this reason, it is necessary that all democratically-minded forces, especially us, Freimaurer, continually set up appropriate signs in order to preserve the legacy of our brother Clemens Thieme from such reinterpretations. The Leipziger Buchloge, which once a year illuminates the Masonic light in the dark of the memorial catacombs, is thus certainly a good example of this request.

Text: Ivan Wojnikow (taken from „Winkelmaß – The independent Freimaurer magazine, zero edition, with the kind permission of the Leipziger Freimaurer publishing house.)
Participation in the next bookkeeper

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