Lodge History

The Freimaurer Lodge „Minerva zu den drei Palmen“ in Leipzig was founded on 20 March 1741, initially under the name „Aux trois compas“. On June 5, 1747, she merged with the German-speaking lodge „Minerva“ to the Loge „Minerva to the Cirkel“ and on 30.06.1766 with the Loge „Zu den drei Palmbäumen“ to the Loge „Minerva to the Three Palms“.


From 1741 to 1753 it was a member-lodge of the „Obersächsische Provinzial-Großloge“ and a daughter’s lodge of the „Grand Landloge of the Freimaurers of Saxony“. In 1883, she formed the „Free Association of the Five Independent“ (Gera) with the boxes „Archimedes to the three drawing boards“ (Altenburg), „Balduin zur Linde“ (Leipzig), „Carl zum Rautenkranz“ (Hildburghausen) and Archimedes Logen Germany „in Altenburg.

In 1924 the humanitarian big box „Deutsche Bruderkette“ was established in Leipzig. Grandmaster, up to the dissolution forced by the Naziregime, was the master of the chair of the Lodge „Minerva to the Three Palms.“


The lodge „Minerva to the Three Palms“ had gained the state recognition as legal personality on the basis of the Royal Saxon Law of 15.06.1868 by the entry in the cooperative register on 30.12.1884.

Under pressure from the National Socialist regime, the masonry light of Minerva had to be extinguished in March 1933. The Freimaurerloge „Minerva to the Three Palms“ gave up the Freimaurerei with the Grand Lodge „German Brotherhood“ and changed to the „Christian Order of the German Cathedral“, Ortsgruppe Leipzig I. The prohibition and the legal dissolution of the cooperative since 1884 took place on 9.11 .1935.


The „United Grand Lodge of Germany“ – now the „Grand Lodge of the Old Free and Accepted Masons of Germany“ (GL. AFuAMvD), who was formed in Frankfurt am Main on June 19, 1949, always dealt with the East German Lodges, Was not allowed to be constituted again.

On the initiative of the „Friedrich to the White Horses“ lodge in Hanover, the lodge „Minerva to the Three Palms“ was reopened in Leipzig as a deputy lodge, with thirteen members of the Leipziger (brethren) who were accepted as freemasons, after the reunification and the Accession of the former GDR to the Federal Republic of Germany.

The Loge gave itself a statutes on 18.11.1990. The entry into the association register of the city of Leipzig took place under VR no. 836 on March 7, 1991. The Lodge „Minerva to the Three Palms“ e.V. is a perfect and just Freimaurerloge.