Dear guests

Klaus Kieswimmer, Meister vom Stuhl
Klaus Kieswimmer, Master of the Logde

… a warm welcome on the side of the Leipziger Freemasons Lodge „Minerva to the three Palm Trees“.

Founded in 1741 as one of the first German lodges under the matriculation number 7, the „Minerva“ developed over time into one of the largest and most influential boxes in Germany.

Before the ban by the National Socialists in 1935, the Loge united almost 500 members, among whom were many important Leipzig personalities.

In 1991 the „Minerva“ was reinstated with the help of the Hannoverschen Loge, „Friedrich zum weiße Pferde“. She is a member of the Humanitarian Grand Lodge of the „Old Open and Accepted Masonry of Germany“ (A.F.u.A.M.v.D.).

The number of members residing in Leipzig today is approx. 45, in addition about 15 double members from the old federal states. The Lodge and its members are committed to the fundamental ideals of Freemasonry freedom, fraternity, tolerance and love of humanity.

In addition to the cultivation of traditional Masonic rituals, we consider it our task to introduce ourselves to the cultural life of our home town of Leipzig. The Loge is a registered association, the Logenleben is characterized by numerous activities – both within and outside the Bruderkette. Lectures, information sessions and guest evenings, common trips that once held in the time of the Leipzig Book Fair „Leipziger Buchloge“ and the support of charitable organizations must be mentioned here.

If you are interested in visiting Freemasonry, or if you would like to attend one of our guests, please feel free to contact our guest representative. You can also subscribe to our free newsletter.

Klaus Kieswimmer, Master of the Logde